Building Business Relationships

The invisible force that drives business forward, and keeps top businesses ahead, is relationship. Successful business depends on good relationships with colleagues and with clients. Underlying all our relationships are two essential components: empathy and an understanding of values. This course develops skills in both areas and looks at how you apply them in a variety of different situations including:

  • Initiating new client relationships
  • Improving existing client or colleague relationships
  • Helping you sell ideas or products
  • Managing remote relationships more effectively
  • Encouraging collaboration within teams
  • Building trust and morale in teams

This course will help you to:

  • Understand what motivates people’s behaviour
  • See situations from another’s position and understand their needs
  • Understand why some behaviours meet with approval while others cause stress or conflict
  • Resolve or avoid conflict
  • Give status to people without losing your own
  • Talk “with” people rather than “at” people
  • Listen so that that people feel they have been heard and valued