Maximise your personal impact

More than 80% of communication is physical.  An understanding of the physical and vocal tools that underpin great communication is essential to maximising your personal impact.

This practical one-day course is an introduction to the fundamental tools of the physical vocabulary.

  • Breath
  • Tension states
  • Posture
  • Voice
  • Space

An understanding and command of your physical signature will increase your confidence and your ability to communicate effectively.

The tools and techniques on this course will develop your ability to:

  • Manage the impact you have on others
  • Manage yourself when you feel “put on the spot”
  • Slow down and organise your thoughts
  • Get to the point and stay on point
  • Pause and consider, rather than react
  • Communicate effectively with clients and colleagues
  • Manage yourself with challenging people
  • Feel visible and heard in meetings
  • Say no; and say yes
  • Challenge without appearing aggressive