Strengthen your presence

If you want to come across with confidence and enthusiasm; if it’s important that people stop and listen when you speak; if you need to influence and motivate people, then developing a strong personal presence is essential.

This one day course focusses on developing the core characteristics of presence:  physical presence, communication and connection with others.

Self-awareness: how you come across physically

  • The tensions states and stillness
  • Posture
  • Commanding the space
  • Presence of mind


  • Vocal strength and energy
  • Connecting with your audience

Awareness of others:

  • Understanding other people’s values
  • Listening actively and listening for values

This course will help you to:

  • Project yourself with confidence and gravitas
  • Come across as credible
  • Communicate and present effectively
  • Deliver your message with real conviction
  • Engage and motivate others
  • Make others feel valued
  • Remain in control in difficult situations