Karen understood the brief, and the needs of The Senior Leadership Team, absolutely. It was obvious to all, the progress made. It is also noticeable to see colleagues who did the course applying techniques when they speak now, for example outlining a message at the start. Given the range of public speaking we have to do it has clearly benefitted those who participated, some of whom have been promoted to more senior leadership roles since finishing the course.

Robin Macpherson. Head of History and Professional Learning. Wellington College

Karen was brilliant. Her approach with the graduates was fantastic and they responded to her really positively.

Learning & Development Manager. Graduate Programme

Karen’s ability to clarify a brief and deliver specifically what you need, is remarkable. She has worked with my teams on using narrative in displays and in pitching, as well as delivering presentations. They like it because it relates directly to their work. I like it because I can see I am getting value. Exactly what I asked for.  Engaging and great fun.

Gary Porter. CEO. Elemental Design

When I deliver a course Karen has helped design, there is a real “through line” and a natural progression in the exercises. She is very good at structuring and writing quite complicated ideas in a very simple way. Also, because she’s used to deadlines she works fast and can handle last minute changes. A professional and a pleasure to work with.

Howard Bentley. Four Forty


Karen is a fantastic coach. Her broad experience, sound methodology and engaging manner were evident from the beginning and set her apart from other communications training I have had. Her positive mindset, friendly and relaxed approach encouraged me to practice techniques during sessions and created a great environment to work in.

Her feedback was structured, practical and tailored to me. It has been invaluable. I genuinely left every session walking taller, feeling empowered and armed with the right toolset to make a stronger impact in my work environment.
I would highly recommend working with Karen.

J.B. Capgemini

I cannot recommend Karen highly enough, she worked with our son prior to his final interview with the RAF at Cranwell. His confidence and self-belief increased enormously resulting in him being accepted. She took a huge amount of time and effort in researching and then supporting our son in preparing for the interview and his feedback from the interview was very positive.

Private Client

As a Consultant, Karen has been great to work with. From listening and understanding the requirement, to providing options that suit the development and the individual – a very personal and effective approach.

Clare Kirk.
Leadership & Management Development Consultant. Sovereign Housing Association

Karen really helped me feel relaxed, which helped me take in and enjoy the coaching. She is able to pick up on elements that are unique to the individual and caters the coaching to your personal needs. Before meeting Karen I was having what I would class as an extreme reaction to speaking in front of an audience in a presentation style. I was aware of the responses that I was having but I could not manage them. Karen has provided me with more awareness and the tools that I need. By the end of coaching I was able to deliver a presentation which I never thought I would be able to do.

Tanya Perry.
Maintenance Manager. Sovereign Housing Association

Comments from participants

I didn’t believe you could use narrative to sell our software. Then I saw my colleague do it. It is brilliant. It works.

Gopah: Storytelling in Business

This course should be mandatory. As a manager it made me so much more aware. As a new starter it would make me feel so much more confident.

Paul: Building Business Relationships

I really appreciated the time Karen spent focussing on our individual needs. She was really specific and detailed.

Shelly: Management Skills

The personal interaction and Karen’s tailored approach was fantastic in helping with my confidence and self-consciousness.

Ben: Presentation Skills